Betting on tennis – Surfaces courts Clay

In this two-part series will familiarize you with the different surface tennis courts and factors which types of surfaces in various ways influence.

One of the most unique aspects of tennis is that the tournament play on one type of surface. In most sports playing surface is always the same (maximum difference is fresh and artificial grass). In contrast, in tennis is a significant change in the surface and has a direct impact on the actual matches.

Professional tennis season is broadly divided into periods – depending on what surface is currently playing tournaments. At the beginning of the season is the period of clay (that culminates at the French Open). The ball bounced on clay and slower players it can slide. After the French Open next month of the season takes place on grass – this phase culminates in London Wimbledon. The last stage of the tournament on a hard surface. The highlight of this stage is the US Open, which takes place in early September.

If you want to (successfully) to bet on tennis, it is very important that you understand the important differences between surfaces. The player who thrive on clay, for example, may be only average on the grass or on hard surfaces. Tennis players usually perform best on the surface on which the most practiced in his youth (resp. Which had in your training center available), so there is a regional factor. In Spain and South America, we find a lot of clay courts, so generally tend players from these parts the best on clay. Most of the players from the USA prefers a hard surface and only a few players then prefers grass.

In carrying out the pre-match analysis you should look rather matches that were played on the same surface on which they will play. Of course, you go through all the information available, but the point is that they often find that your particular selected player and lost with player B on the grass, but won over him on clay. If you come upon several similar results, you’ve probably come across a tennis player, who is the strongest on clay. Definitely not underestimate the role of the court surface, you could pay for it properly.


Clay courts are quite possibly the nejvýjimečnějším sports surface at all. Clay is slippery, slow and her players are due to falls often wrapped from head to toe. There are players who love the clay and the players who are struggling with it. It is important for you that you need to understand the effect of the clay court for a match and what type of player search.

The first important factor is that the clay reigns speed. The ball has less bounce, so players behind him have more “chase.” This means that the advantage of having players who run fast (and who can run all day). Generally, this means that smaller players have an advantage over larger players – they often rely on strong administration. Strong administration but on clay a little less important, since the bounce of the ball is small, due to which it is easier to make a return.

Another important factor is that on clay ball has variable bounce. During the struggle to catch balls of clay grains, making changes its trajectory bounce. This fact leads to the strengthening of the factor of chance, so the weaker players have a higher chance of success. This fact should not be forgotten when betting.

Other important factors are:

Physical condition

Search for players who have good physical = who last run all the time in case of a long struggle. As mentioned above, the clay is difficult for running, so players with a good fitness gain a great advantage. This type of players on clay courts often dominates.

Submission is not so important

When betting on a game that is played on clay, you should attach great importance to the fact that one of the players has a strong administration. Bounce on clay is slow, so that virtually every submission goes back. Players betting on bringing great on clay lose their main weapon.


Creative players on clay often have an advantage. To win here is not enough just mindless exchange. Search for a player who is known by his sleeve have a variety of different types of strokes on the court and are creative.

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